• PerformancePerformance

      「Sun/Moon」(24′ 03″) > Play
    • Piano/Holger Mantey
      Movie: Sebastian Felske
    • PerformancePerformance
      Karlsburg Durlach

      「Japan」(10′ 28″) > Play
    • Shakuhachi:Seimo Yamaguchi
      Taiko:Toshihiro Yuta
      Movie: Seimo Yamaguchi


    • Solo Exhibition/“Form of Zen” in Galerie F. Mansart” the form I have never seen ”
      in Ikkyo-Ann

      Exhibition(4’ 34”) > Play
      Movie: Maquot Project
      It is not something to build up out of one’s head
      it is something that happens to appear through one’s hands and feet
      This is an exhibition in Tokyo in May 2014.
      The venue is a traditional house in Japanese-style that is registered tangible cultural property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
      Sunshine in the morning, sunlight in the afternoon, twilight in the evening, illumination in dusk….
      Scene was changing continuously throughout the day.
    • Solo Exhibition/“Form of Zen” in Galerie F. Mansart“Form of Zen”
      in Galerie F. Mansart

      Performance(13’ 07”) > Play
      Exhibition1(1’ 08”) > Play
      Exhibition2(2’ 36”) > Play
      Movie: Pierre Guerlain
      The moon waxes and wanes periodically.
      It symbolizes the idea of metempsychosis.
      All things are in the endless circle of birth, death and rebirth.
      I do not know from where the wind has come.
      I do not know where the wind will go.
      Even if I regret the past and worry about the future I cannot do anything.
      I will live in the present with all my might in the present wind.
      Water fits in any container.
      Water is so flexible that it adapts to any environment and keeps horizontal.
      I would like to be tolerant and fair toward others like water.
      Cherry tree becomes older and older.
      But flower of the old tree is not old.
      It produces the full of new blossoms on old branches in every spring.


    • Exhibition and Performance “Moon”
      in The 60th AVIGNON FESTIVAL

      (6’09”) > Play
    • Direction: Norio Tokumitsu

      I was invited to the 60th Avignon Festival. Avignon Festival is the overall stage art festival that consists of various stage works like dance, music, performance including the play. It is an international event in France that ranks with Cannes Film Festival.
      In 2006, I held the exhibition and did the installation in Chapelle Saint-Charles. The motif of the installation was based on the moon. As we know, the moon repeats being full and waning periodically. A crescent moon, a pale moon and a full moon… The moon changes its own shape day by day gradually and continuously . It looks like that light and shadow are attacking each other on the moon every night. The relation between light and shadow seems to represent “ dynamic and static ”, “ positive and negative ”, “ substance and vanity ”, that also reminds me of “ life and death ”.
      In the performance, I drew Japanese character “moon” on large paper. I made one piece at one night through the performance, feeling the influence of the present moon.
      I continued to make piece one by one every night. Each piece was hung in the air and finally the installation of the moon has been finished in twelve nights.
      The official web page of The Avignon Festival
    • Demonstration by NAKAJIMA HIROYUKI

      Demonstration by NAKAJIMA HIROYUKI( 7’28”)
      > Play
    • Direction: Norio Tokumitsu

      Japan is a country rich in water and greenery.
      Since ancient times, it is believed that the gods dwell in all things in nature.
      Life through the four seasons has been prospered through coexistence with nature.
      The moon, light, fire, wind, earth, water …
      Quiet the life energy, concentrate the spirit, and make myself at one with nature.
      The things I could see, I could hear, gradually recede from me.
      And the light of the moon shines into my mind.
      A fire alights in my heart,
      The wind blows through my body.
      The sound of water soaking the earth echoes.
      The instant the heart resonates with the theme, wield the brush with high concentration.
      Beyond desire or motif, when something moves,
      The arc of the brush becomes an imagined scenery and impresses itself on the paper.
      Gradually, the scenery and sounds in the background return to me.
      Glancing at the paper,
      The power of nature now dwells in the writing,
      The running of the ink spreads slowly on the paper.
      The puddle of ink eventually leaves a mysterious pattern after it dries.
      Thus, one and only work is born.